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The Portal Hopping Saviour Action Continues In Prey 2 [Update]

It seems like now is the time to bring back old fps franchises that were nearly long forgotten, specifically those from 3D Realms.  With the impending release of Duke Nukem Forever, 3D Realms’ other major fps attempt Prey will be receiving a sequel next year. Now under the Bethesda/ZeniMax banner (Take-Two dropped the game) Prey 2 won’t exactly be the same game that we experienced on the Xbox 360 and PC back in the day.

Once again under the guise of Human Head Studios (they developed the first Prey game), Prey 2 will now feature two notable changes: it’ll have environments more open in nature and it’ll be using the id tech engine that id Software utilizes in its upcoming fps title Rage.  Details on Prey 2 weren’t dished out (as is usually the case when a game is announced) but the upcoming issue of Official Xbox Magazine and PlayStation: The Official Magazine will have the lowdown on the game.

When Prey came out on the Xbox 360 and PC back in 2006 the game wasn’t a huge hit but was a bit underrated.  It was rumored that the game would receive a sequel seeing as how some artwork and plot details leaked, but considering that no new details have surfaced since 2008, it seemed like the game was given the boot. But alas, here we are, nearly five years later and come next year we’re going to have a new Prey game.

The artwork and details for Prey 2 that leaked back in 2008 seemed to be a departure for the franchise as it featured series protagonist Tommy trying to save Earth from invading alien forces.  The concept art and tech demo that leaked for Prey 2 back in 2008 showed a mixture of lush forests combined with your almost standard destroyed cityscapes and pure fantastical sci-fi settings, which as a whole was a nice change-up from the corridor and highly mechanical designs of the first game.  Since it has been three years since the Prey 2 concept art leaked who knows what sort of changes the game has received since then or if Human Head Studios have buckled and made the game follow more of the typical conventions that are expected from fps games these days.

I enjoyed the first Prey game despite the issues that it had and if Human Head still manages to have some nice enemy and level designs then I don’t see why Prey 2 would be disappointing. It also helps that the game is going to have some impressive tech backing it since the latest engine offerings from id Software seem to be worth the long wait.

With the addition of Prey 2 to the mix, Bethesda/ZeniMax is building up a nice catalogue of games in addition to their RPG offerings such as the new projects from Shinji Mikami’s Tango Gameworks and Machinegun Games, the new firm that compromises of key staffers from Starbreeze.  Since we’re going to be receiving our first details on Prey 2 fairly soon, the game is likely to have a major presence at E3 this year. Seeing as how I’m one of twenty-five people who thoroughly enjoyed the first game, I’m going to be making a beeline straight to Bethesda’s booth this year to see if Prey 2 has been worth the long ass wait.



Despite the press release stating that Prey 2 would use "the cutting edge id tech engine from id Software", it turns out that the game won't be using the id Tech 5 that's used in Rage. Many assumed that would be the case seeing as how the first thing people think of when the words cutting edge + id engine are used = id Tech 5. It may be disappointing that the game isn't using the id Tech 5, but I think that's the least of our worries right now.