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Red Dead Redemption takes a trip south of the border [Screens]

From what we’ve seen so far Red Dead Redemption is shaping up to the best cowboy/Western game ever made. That’s certainly a bold statement but considering the few titles that have taken place in the Western genre and Rockstar’s expertise in crafting worlds and experiences I don’t think it’s too silly to say. 

Perfectly capturing the rustic feel of the Old West along with its ruthless side, RDR has everything one would expect out of a Western game.  But it wouldn’t be a true Old West experience if some of the action didn’t take place south of the border in Mexico.  As much as places like Texas and California were known for their Western antics, Mexico was also a hotbed of notorious cowboy activity and Red Dead Redemption aims to show that.

Today Rockstar has released several new images showing the land of Nuevo Paraiso, a province in Northern Mexico.  While some may be quick to say “it’s all the same brown rustic colors” that’s farther from the truth. Just like the other regions of RDR, Nuevo Paraiso has its own identity and flavor which is shown by Mexican architectural touches like stucco structures and indigenous plant life.

Looking at these screens makes me want Red Dead Redemption but at least we won’t have to wait long since the game ships on May 18th for the PS3 and Xbox 360.