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Red Faction: Origins - Viewing Party Blog Of Fun

Instead of spending a night out on the town like some folks do on Saturday night, I’m in my apartment (with the lights off btw) getting ready for two key things: my trip to E3 and the network television premiere of Red Faction: Origins. Needless to say I’m excited about both things, but I must admit that my excitement about E3 and RF: Origins are closer than you may think since I’m a sucker for sci-fi movies, especially those that may be totally bad.

Red Faction: Origins is a pretty big deal in a way since it’s the first time we’re seeing a major video game hit the world of TV, well at least aside from Mortal Kombat: Konquest which was a loose interpretation of the games.  Seeing as how THQ has partnered with the SyFy Network to produce RF: Origins and promote Red Faction: Armageddon, this could either be the start of a longstanding relationship or simply become a one and done thing if RF: Origins totally flops. So far what we’ve seen of RF: Origins hasn’t exactly been terrific, nor has it been completely terrible, at least based on the horrific standards of most SyFy Network original films that premiere on Saturday night.

So in what could grow to become the first major video game TV series to air since 1998, I thought we should all celebrate the premiere of RF: Origins with a little viewing party.  I’m probably not the only person out there that likes the RF franchise (I still think RF1 is an absolute under-rated gem) along with enjoying bad B-grade sci-fi action movies.

If you plan on watching RF: Origins tonight then feel free to comment in the live blog as the show airs or if you aren’t able to scope out the film tonight then this is your gateway to getting the scoop, which will of course be full of jaded comments and slightly snarky jokes about the quality of the acting and the effects.

Red Faction: Origins will air tonight on the SyFy Network at 8pm Central Time.