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Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta Kicks Off Soon And Here's How You Can Get In...

As is always the case, Sony has some major first party games set for release this year and one that has particularly received a lot of hype is Resistance 3.  We all know that Resistance 2 was honestly a bit of a disappointment, but Insomniac has so far fixed their wrongs with Resistance 3 – which for all we know could be the last major Resistance game Insomniac develops. 

Since gamers are keen on experiencing Resistance 3 after seeing all the tantalizing gameplay videos that have been released, Sony is happily obliging by offering a Resistance 3 demo.  To show gamers that Resistance 3 is all it’s cracked up to be, Sony will be offering a multiplayer Resistance 3 demo for members of the PlayStation Plus family to enjoy.  Exactly when the R3 multiplayer demo will be available wasn’t announced, though gamers who pick up SOCOM 4 will also receive a beta voucher for Resistance 3. Since SOCOM 4 drops on April 19th it would makes sense for PS Plus users to either access to the beta the week before or the same week. But as always some betas have wacky schedules so maybe PS Plus will get the shaft in some form.

Insomniac unveiled the multiplayer mode of Resistance 3 a few weeks ago and so far everything we’ve seen and heard has pointed to Insomniac returning to the roots of the first Resistance game.  Resistance 2 was a huge misstep in regards to the multiplayer mode but Insomniac have apparently learned that smaller sometimes means things can be better thus we’re getting a multiplayer mode that isn’t throwing everything in the oven in the hopes of getting a perfect soufflé.

I spent a lot of time playing the first Resistance online, perhaps too much for my own good, and hopefully Resistance 3 will have me entranced the same once the beta kicks off. Bullseye weapon + power-up abilities and maps that aren’t the size of a small community = me being a happy gamer.

Hopefully Resistance 3 will blow us away when the full game comes out on September 6th.


[via the PlayStation Blog]