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[Review] Scene It? Twilight

Overall Feeling: 

Scene It? Twilight is the prime example of a studio/publisher cashing in on the success of a popular franchise. The game has terrible production values and more importantly it just isn't a fun trivia game to play, even if you're die-hard Twilight fan.

The Pros: 

Nothing much really. Though I guess some people out there may enjoy looking at some of the images you can unlock from the film so they can have fantasies about Edward or Jacob.

The Cons: 

Everything. Rating : 

Every now and then a certain craze takes over the mass audience, sometimes it’s a movie or perhaps a hot new song. Right now the thing that is making people, or at least a very large portion of the female population, go gaga are vampires. In particular it’s the vampires from Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series. For some reason the Twilight books have captured the hearts of many and the franchise has become an absolute phenomenon that was only enhanced with the release of the film adaptation of the first book. Now the drama filled world of sparkly emotional vampires and teen girls who seem to have no free will is making its video game debut with Scene It? Twilight. Most Twilight fans are bound to want a more direct interactive experience with the dreamy Edward Cullen but Scene It? Twilight is a game that may please those desperate Twi-hards out there who want anything that says Twilight or has the chiseled pale visage of Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) plastered on it.

Scene It? Twilight is like any other version of Scene It?, it’s a simple trivia game enhanced with a few interactive aspects.  Players are tasked with answering multiple choice questions, finishing the quote after watching a video clip, guessing what object is missing in the picture and other extremely exciting and original things like that which are made better since it’s all about the wonderful world of Twilight. The faster you answer a question the more points you get which is meant to create some competition between players (lol at that concept).  There are also a few Wii features that literally feel thrown in such as shaking the Wiimote to draw or make a picture visible.  I’m sure the Twilight fans will be shaking their Wiimotes like there’s no tomorrow in order to draw that picture of Bella’s bedroom as fast as possible.

Usually trivia games are fun to play whether it’s all by your lonesome or in the more usual setting with a group of friends.  But for some reason the game is completely devoid of any enjoyment. I think it may even be hard for Twilight fans, well at least the ones who don’t wear Edward Cullen t-shirts or panties, to enjoy the game since the questions are boring and the presentation is dull and looks like something one guy slapped together on a lazy afternoon. Seeing nothing more than a few location pictures as the backgrounds screens which are accompanied by what can be described as emo lite elevator music and the sedated and slightly creepy commentary by Dr. Carlisle (OMG, Edward’s dad is the commentator!) creates a snooze fest inducing experience.

And when I say that the commentary by Dr. Carlisle is creepy I really mean that. His soft spoken speech and sudden elation when he announces the scores is creepy as it is but is only made creepier when you hear him say things like “Step into the twilight” or “You sparkle like a diamond” which will send shudders down your spine.

I really don’t know what would be the best way to create a Twilight trivia game, though I’m sure a few fans have already made their own version which involves Edward or Jacob falling in love with them, but what’s presented in the game is just unacceptable and I can’t even believe I’m saying since I feel like I’m losing my geek cred card.

As a product meant to entertain fans of the franchise the game just falls flat on its vampire marble skin face.  Most of the questions it asks are things that most of the people who stood in line for the midnight showing of New Moon probably know by heart or in some instances have tattooed someplace on their body.  If there are people that are such hardcore fans that they made a plush version of Bella’s womb complete with mutant vampire fetus then I have a feeling they’ll know the answer to which member of the Cullen clan said a one-off comment during a baseball game.

And for being a party game Scene It? Twilight does an excellent job of taking away any player identity from the proceedings. Instead of you and your friends entering your names someplace and it appearing on the screen you’re forced to choose which character from Twilight you want to play as. The thing is that this is completely pointless since there’s never a visual representation of who you’re playing as. So if you choose Laurent because you dig guys with dreadlocks then you won’t be able to stare at his picture on screen if that’s what you desire. 

Instead the character you select only serves as an audio cue when you select a question or when your score is announced. If you ask me that’s just a silly thing to do and it just feels like something thrown in to appease fans who wish to become the characters they dream and fantasize about.  Though I can imagine this may serve some sort of purpose for the Twilight fans who plan on playing this while cosplaying as Edward all while doing their best Blue Steel look.

If you’re a Twilight fan then there’s really no point in buying or renting Scene It? Twilight. The game offers nothing new or exciting and has what is quite possibly the dullest presentation I’ve ever seen in a trivia game before.  When you look up the definition of video game cash-in then chances are you’ll see a picture or reference of Scene It? Twilight in there someplace since the game is that horrific.