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The Revolver Equipped Durga Joins The Cast Of Anarchy Reigns

Anarchy Reigns already has a rather extensive character roster that consists of cyborgs and general sci-fi badass types but a new chap has entered the fray that I think could give everyone else a run for their money.  Generally speaking Anarchy Reigns will have a rather serious and straightforward story in the single-player campaign but Platinum Games is clearly putting all their energy into the personality of the characters which are far from being tame.

Joining the world of Blacker Baron, Zero and Jack is Durga – another cyborg that has a tail and a right leg that is a giant revolver.  Part Holly Summers from No More Heroes and part Revolver Ocelot, Durga’s design and combat style is a nice departure from what we’ve seen of the other combatants that are in the game.  Durga’s design somewhat reminds me of a more violent and crazed David Bowie and that’s probably why I’m digging the character so much.

Anarchy Reigns still has me on the fence a bit but I continue to be impressed with the general designs and concepts that developer Platinum Games are pushing forward.  Anyone that can whip out a mechanized revolver out of their leg is cool in my book and I think Anarchy Reigns has an incredible amount of character variety. My only worry rests in how those characters will control and whether the multiplayer modes will simply resort to being a constant spam fest with no real finesse needed.

We’ll all find out just how much fun it is to play as Durga and the rest of the misfits in Anarchy Reigns once the game ships for the PS3 and Xbox 360 in January.