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Sega Could Be Ressurecting The Presumably Canceled Aliens DS Game

Sega could be on the right track with their ownership of the Aliens video game franchise.  The world definitely wasn’t set afire when Aliens vs. Predator was released last year, but with the news of a high-end action horror Aliens game in the works over at Creative Assembly it appears that Sega could finally be giving the attention the beloved Aliens franchise deserves.  Even the oft-delayed Aliens: Colonial Marines appears to be on track much to the surprise of everyone who though the game was all but canceled.

One unfortunate casualty in Sega’s previous mishandling of the Aliens franchise was the shelving/cancelation of an Aliens: Colonial Marines spin-off game for the Nintendo DS.  Most of the time the DS version of a proper HD game tends to be garbage, but the Aliens: Colonial Marines game showed tremendous potential, mainly because WayForward was developing the project.  Outside of a leaked gameplay video no major details on the DS version of Aliens: Colonial Marines ever surfaced but we could finally be privy to some if a recent ratings certification post is any indication.

Found on the Australian government classification website was a listing for Aliens: Infestation, a game that just so happens to be developed by WayForward.  With the listing created on May 25th, it appears that Sega could be reviving the presumably cancelled Nintendo DS game WayForward was developing.  Obviously there’s a name difference in this new Aliens project, but we see video games change names occasionally, and this could be Sega’s attempt better market the DS game compared to its HD brethren.

The trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines for the DS.

There stands the chance that Alien: Infestation is a completely different game from what we previously saw from the Aliens: CM project and there's a slim chance that it could be a Wii or Project Café game. Such a thing could be a definite possibility based on the rumors we’ve heard recently about Nintendo aiming to have a more core appeal with their new console. But ultimately, Aliens: Infestation will likely end up being a 3DS version of what WayForward was developing originally, which if you ask me should still be awesome.

I haven’t heard any rumblings of a new Alien game being announced at E3 next month, but since I’m spending four hours at Sega’s booth for one day of the event I’ll be sure to scope things out when I’m milling about.