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Sly Cooper Collection Hands-On [E3 2010]

One surprises of E3 2010 so far has been the announcement of the Sly Cooper Collection. Not only is it nice to see that Sony is intent on giving us HD versions of old PS2 games via the PS3 but it’s nice to see that they haven’t forgotten about the thievious racoonus

Available on hand at E3 was a small sampling of Sly’s HD remix and to top things off it was available in 3D.  One of the twenty games set to release this year featuring 3D gaming, Sly’s debut on the PS3 is shaping up nicely so far.  The hardcore Sly fans out there know that this isn’t the first time the series has gotten the 3D treatment as the last PS2 game featured several levels which used the old-school red/blue paper glasses. While it doesn’t feel exactly shoehorned I wasn’t exactly blown away by Sly’s new 3D effects on the PS3.  Available for us special people, by that I mean game “journalists”, were a few levels taken from Sly Cooper 3 featuring some aerial combat and a battle in a bamboo forest.  

Perhaps it’s because it doesn’t fulfill the pre-conceived notions one has about 3D gaming but the bamboo section really didn’t have an immediate sense of pop to it.  Walking through bamboo trees had a nice subtlety to it but the accompanying battle really didn’t feel like it immediately benefitted from the inclusion of 3D.  If anything the only cool thing about that particular section was how Sly’s trademark cane slightly stuck out of the screen.  The other level available featured Sly taking to the skies in some aerial combat. Once again the 3D effects were decent but they were nothing that had me erupting into a Jesus Raptor Camp level of excitement and pure happiness.

But at the core of the Sly Collection is whether or not the HD port is good and thankfully it is.  The game is basically Sly Cooper 1, 2, and 3 all redone with sharp and extremely clean looking HD visuals and for that the game is awesome.  Obviously the game still retains its cartoony look cell-shaded look. So if you were expecting a complete HD redux of Sly complete with a fur shader then you better look elsewhere, perhaps the new Heroes on the Move will fill your neo Sly desires.

So if you’re looking forward to an awesome HD port of Sly Cooper then you’re in good luck as the Sly Cooper Collection is that. But if you were expecting much from the 3D integration of the game then it would be best if you set your expectations low to prevent massive disappointment.  It’s nice to see that Sony hasn’t completely forgotten about the infamous Sly Cooper and maybe we’ll be lucky and a proper sequel will be green lit built specifically in mind for 3D gaming.