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Sony and DC Comics team up for Infamous [Updated]

The comic book influence in Infamous has always been very apparent. From the plot of an everyday man being bestowed amazing powers right down to the trusty girlfriend and sometimes annoying sidekick, Infamous has done a tremendous job of taking the standard superhero/comic book elements and taking them in a new direction.  Now Infamous is entering the world of comic books in a new partnership between Sony and DC Comics.

Sony properties becoming comic books aren’t a new thing as we’ve already seen Resistance get its own comic series along with the recent God of War comic prequel.  After giving us one amazing game with an intriguing story and the promise of another on the way, Sony and developer Sucker Punch will be expanding the Infamous lore and mythology even more in a new comic series.

Set between the events of the first and second game, the Infamous comic series will follow series protagonist Cole as he tries to save his hometown of Empire City from a new threat.  As the hardcore Infamous fans may know already, Cole eventually flees Empire City after having a run in with the Beast – a mysterious foe who has super powers that far surpass those of Cole.

Penned by comic scribe William Harms with art by Eric Nguyen, the Infamous comic series has a lot of potential.  With the back drop of people gaining super powers, Cole’s somewhat depressed state, and the various government conspiracies/possible time travelling elements, there’s a wealth of material that the Infamous novel could draw from or expand upon.

I’m not a current comic book consumer, aside from the odd pick up like the Marvel TRON comic, but with my love of the Infamous franchise I’m quite keen on seeing what the series will be like.  But if the piece of cover art that was released today is any indication, at least we’re bound to get some nice art in the Infamous series if the story ends up being a dud.

A release date for issue 1 of the Infamous comic series hasn’t been announced but with Infamous 2 set to hit in the Spring/Summer, we’re bound to get the first issue early on in the year, perhaps by February or March.


[via the PlayStation Blog]


Issue 1 of the Infamous comic will be available in March for only $2.99.  Gamers and comic enthusiasts can pick up the comic series at local comic retailers and via the PSN as it'll be include in Sony's digital comics initiative.