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Sony's new patent is all about emotion and laughter

I guess this week must be “uncover the silly patent week” with the odd looking Nintendo cushion being the first and now Siliconera has unearthed a very odd and somewhat unique patent from Sony that will surely make some out there laugh (hack line of the day).

The latest patent from Sony allows users to control games via laughing. Yup, by utilizing the PlayStation Eye microphone and camera it could be possible for a game to be controlled or at least enhanced via the laughing or emotional faces the player makes.  The tech will be able to tell if a user is sad, angry or bored and I assume would be able to change what’s happening on screen based on that. So maybe one day if you’re sucking it up in a sports game or a small PSN game like High Velocity Bowling it could be possible for the AI characters or perhaps the announcer to make a comment on your performance based on the angry scowl or face of rage you give.

It could be interesting how this tech is used in games especially if there’s ever a game that heavily features comedy. Perhaps it’s just me but I wouldn’t mind having a game where it knows if the jokes are bombing or not based and the lack of laughter or the sour expression the user is making. Chances are we won’t be seeing this tech utilized anytime soon but at least it’s nice to know Sony is trying to do new things that aren’t entirely wacky.

[Via Siliconera]