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SSX Gets Another Veteran Rider With The Arrival Of Eddie

Since EA basically redesigned their vision for the SSX reboot gamers are thankfully getting the SSX game they want – or at least the characters they want. Joining already announced characters such as Mac, Elise, Kaori and Moby is none other than Mr. Afro Thunder himself – Eddie Wachowski.  An SSX veteran since the days of SSX: Tricky, Eddie in a way perfectly summed up what SSX was all about: being yourself and having a fun ass time hitting the slopes.

Eddie’s return in the new SSX game also perfectly shows what gamers can expect from EA’s new vision for the series: it’s familiar yet more mature.  Eddie still has his trademark afro but gone are the sunglasses, loud dance shirt and visor hat in favor of a look that makes Eddie appear to be a longstanding SSX veteran.  Eddie’s new look, which looks like former pro MLS star Alexi Lalas before he chopped his hair off to become a GM and soccer commentator, may not go down well with fans but I’m digging it. 

Previously I think the team over at EA Vancouver completely lost the faith of SSX fans with their initial vision for the new game, but so far they’ve proven that they know how to balance the key traits of the characters while still injecting a tiny bit of realism or design motifs to show that these characters have grown since we last saw them.

There is one slight catch as to Eddie’s inclusion into SSX as right now he’s being offered as a GameStop exclusive. Yes, the new SSX game is the latest title to go the exclusive pre-order route and this time folks who pre-order SSX will receive Eddie, his Elite snowboard and a bonus boost.  Eddie will likely be available to those who don’t pre-order SSX from GameStop but the question is whether he’ll be an unlockable character or offered as DLC via the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live.

All these character reveals have been nice and all but at this point I just want to get my hands-on SSX and see what the game has to offer.  Since SSX won’t be on the public floor at Gamescom this week that probably rules out any sort of surprise showing at PAX or at the Eurogamer Expo next month.  A demo for SSX is confirmed to arrive prior to the game hitting retail early next year but I think EA just needs to show us something soon to all but confirm that gamers should scope out SSX instead of pushing it aside as a maligned project that’s five years too late.