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S#!T You Want - Lifes' little joys, but with that added frosting on top !

Welcome to the 8th Week of Cool S#!T You Want. Back into the stride of things. We take a serious look at what's available on the net, and narrow down those pay cheaque decisions. Remember as a member you can comment or submit an entry to Cool S#!T You Want here.


As always, if you or your company have a product or service you think we at ShogunGamer would call some excellent Cool S#!T, feel free to contact me via Michael-Sean@shogungamer. I will be sure to contact you with all the information we require. Enjoy!

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Name: Ian Fisher

What is it?: Bill Paxton Pinball Machne


Why would it be cool to own?:There are a ton of popular character actors out there but one who has gained a lot of popularity is Bill Paxton. Starting out with humble roles such as Thug #2 in Terminator, Paxton has since parlayed that role into bigger projects such as Aliens. From there Paxton hit stardom appearing in stuff like True Lies, Apollo 13, and Titanic.  To pay homage and complete and utter respect, modder Ben Heck has made a Bill Paxton pinball machine. Featuring images and sound bites from various Paxton films, the pinball machine is completely awesome. I don’t know why it wouldn’t be cool to own a pinball machine for the man who delivered the line “Game over man, game over!”


Why couldn’t I have it?: Sadly Ben Heck doesn’t sell most of his creations and
I doubt he can crank out dozens of these pinball machines.


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Name: Rob G.

What is it: World's first mechanical cellphone. The Celsius X VI II Remontage Papillon.


Why it would it be cool to own?: If you were to make a steampunk cellphone.. and the remove the steam aspect but leave all the gears and dials: you'd get this phone. There's a lot of unanswered questions surrounding this yet to be released phone. It's not clear if all functions of the phone are handled mechanically or if it's just the clock. Either way, it looks badass and if it's actually all run on springs and tiny fly wheels, it would be the biggest example of wheel reinvention I've ever seen.


Why couldn’t I have it?: Forget the subsidized price of a phone on a 3 year contract. I'd need to take a family lineage contract where multiple consecutive lifespans are involved for this phone to get into my price range.


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Name: Michael-Sean

What is it: Bad ass Joker style conference room.


Why it would be cool to own?: Somewhere in the distant future i see Casey in this office creating the worlds most perfect toast, on the worlds cheapest toaster. Side note: Very well might be the best meeting room to get laid in... All we need is a glass ceiling. Notice the desk height.


Why couldn’t I have it? Unfortunately, at the last shogun meeting i was over ruled at spending our entire budget on one armchair...They just didn't believe in the idea


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Name: Casey W

What is it: The final installment of the Scott Pilgrim series: Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour.


Why it would be cool to own?: I love this series. I've loved it since I first found out about it. Unfortunately I'm not one of the "cool kids" that was with Scott since the beginning. I only got started when I saw the cover for the third book. But regardless, the series is amazing and I feel like I've been waiting forever for the final chapter. The release date and price were just recently announced by Oni Press, and I don't really want to wait until July.


Why couldn’t I have it?: Time is the only limiting factor. For a man with no patience that truly is the highest price to pay. I cannot wait to get my hands on the final chapter and find out how everything resolves. Curse this waiting!


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Name: Corey Rollins

What is it:


Why it would it be cool to own?:'s a working Dreamcast and it's in a Millennium Falcon that lights up.


Why couldn’t I have it?:There was only one made, and I didn't make it.

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