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S#!T You Want - Stay warm during the Olympic break with all this gear.

Welcome to the 5th Week of Cool S#!T You Want. While the Olympic frenzy has shut down most of Shogungamer's home town, it hasn't shut down Cool S#!T You Want.


Remember as a member you can comment or submit an entry to Cool S#!T You Want here.


As always, if you or your company have a product or service you think we at ShogunGamer would call some excellent Cool S#!T, feel free to contact me via Michael-Sean@shogungamer. I will be sure to contact you with all the information we require. Enjoy!

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Name: Ian Fisher


What is it?: Doctor Who Tenth Doctor's coat replica.


Why would it be cool to own?: This is easily my geekiest SYW submission ever as it far exceeds the standard level of geekdom of my usual submissions. So yeah, I'm a fan of Doctor Who, and I have no problem
 admitting that I wouldn't mind owning this well crafted replica of the Tenth Doctor's coat. In fact, given its somewhat normal looking appearance I may be tempted to wear such a thing in public in the hopes of looking
 charming and suave. Two things I'm far from being.  Though given my size (I'm 6'4 and am a few Big Macs away from being Kevin Smith) and my somewhat brooding expression that borders on full blown rage, chances are people would think there was 8 pounds of C4 strapped to my chest underneath. Nonetheless, if you're a sci-fi fan and are knowledgeable of the Doctor Who franchise you have to admit that the Tenth Doctor had excellent fashion sense.


Why couldn’t I have it?: To my surprise the jacket only costs between $299-$330. A price that is a little high, but isn't too bad since that's the range for most high-end coats. But still, chances are I would look highly silly if I were to wear such a thing in public. Thus making this an expensive collectible to be housed in yet another glass cabinet in my apartment.


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Name: Cynthia


What is it: Wonder Woman underwear and camisole pajama set!


Why it would it be cool to own?: Who doesn't want to go to bed feeling like a, superhero?!? I do. I might even do Wii Fit in this. Best workout wear ever. There's a Supergirl set too,  but Wonder Woman is so much more badass, and it's more believable because I'm a brunette. Besides,  we're coming up on summer and this is the perfect type of sleepwear for long hot nights!


Why couldn’t I have it?: I CAN. Totally buying this for myself as a birthday gift. It's, reasonably priced,  and looks comfy.


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Name: Michael-Sean


What is it: DIY Quatchi


Why it would be cool to own?: While I have not really been over taken with the fever over Olympic swag. This item had my eye brows perked. The ability to deface...erm, customize an Olympic mascot that just so happens to be provided by very same branding Nazis that made the games possible.


Why couldn’t I have it? It will probably end up in my possession, now what to do to it.


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Name: Corey Rollins


What is it: The Castoven is a Microwave Plays YouTube Videos While You Wait!


Why it would be cool to own?: Most of the activity in the office kitchen eventually leads to the microwave. I occasionally use the toaster oven to make melted cheese bagels. All the other hot prepared food gets a "first-glass" ticket to the center of the microwave’s revolving plate. Now the question is what the hell do I do for the next few minuets?

I’m always sort of torn on what to do with this time. I mean,  it’s not like two minutes is enough time to go catch a flick or even read a chapter of a book,  but think about it. What piece of media almost exclusively fits into that two to three minute time span. BOOYAH! The Castoven Microwave displays YouTube videos as you wait for your Hungry Man, Ramen or KD.


Why couldn’t I have it? The Castoven is not available for sale yet, so in the meantime you’ll just have to continue to watch videos on your iPhone / PDA while you wait for your food. Like a chump.


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