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S#!T You Want - You know you want it !

Welcome to the 6th Week of Cool S#!T You Want. With the Olympics over we get back to sifting through the internet for things that we love. Remember as a member you can comment or submit an entry to Cool S#!T You Want here.


As always, if you or your company have a product or service you think we at ShogunGamer would call some excellent Cool S#!T, feel free to contact me via Michael-Sean@shogungamer. I will be sure to contact you with all the information we require. Enjoy!

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Name: Ian Fisher

What is it?: TMNT Shell Backpack.


Why would it be cool to own?: Just like the majority of those born in the 1980s I'm a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan.  The combination of talking turtles who happen to be ninjas and love pizza is something that struck a cord in all of us.  So when I see something like this TMNT backpack from Hot Topic (yes I know, it's from the store where you can buy Twilight
makeup) it makes me wish I was a kid again. Being able to walk around with this rather nice looking bag that mimics a turtle shell would've sent into absolute overdrive as a kid since I owned a TMNT character bag.  Hell, the bag even comes with all four masks of the Turtles so I could've used those for Halloween or merely to play around in. Damnit, why couldn't this come out in 1990?


Why couldn’t I have it?: Cause I'm 23 and I'm not a hipster like the dude in the promo pic. Though I guess I could buy it and wear it at special events such as Comic Con where I wouldn't be immediately judged as a massive geek loser.


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Name: Cynthia

What is it: The Gold Olympic Medal for Mens Hockey


Why it would it be cool to own?: What Canadian WOULDN'T want this medal?!? We have sent a very clear, and loud message, out into the world: Hockey is OUR sport. This gold medal was won on my home soil, on my actual birthday, no less! It was a nail-biting finish with sudden-death overtime, but in the end, we prevailed. And the city is erupting with joy!


Why couldn’t I have it?: Even if one of the guys on the men's team decided to sell their medal for some inexplicable reason, there is no way I would have enough coin to buy that sucker at auction. It would most likely go for hundreds of thousands of dollars.


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Name: Michael-Sean

What is it: 1937 BMW 328 Mille Miglia


Why it would be cool to own?: This is deffinetley on the same level with the bad ass 30's bike i posted a few weeks back. Its sexy, sporty, and limited. What else does it need to be for you to want it more than air.


Why couldn’t I have it? Only a few exist and they rarely come up for auction. The ones that do fetch the 7 figure value pretty easily.


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Name: Rob G

What is it: Fully functional internal combustion engine desk toy


Why it would be cool to own?: In what may be the coolest thing to adorn your desk, this two cylinder butane fueled beast would rev you up for the day far better than any coffee. After I discovered Windows Solitaire, I thought I found the best alternative to.. actual work that my workstation provided (three card draw, Vegas scoring is the only way to play) but watching this thing putter along would be pretty rad too.


Why couldn’t I have it?: It might take a while for my savings account to go from zero to $1000 for this.


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Name: Casey W

What is it: Adidas Augemented Reality Sneakers


Why it would it be cool to own?:I'm not a very physical guy, until gaming becomes officially recognized as a "sport" I unfortunately cannot claim to be any sort of an athelete. Part of the reason for that is a lack of motivation, I'm not one of those people inspired to go walking about just to explore the great outdoors or what-have-you. So sneakers that would turn real-world activities like walking into a game might be the push I need to get out and moving a bit more frequently.


Why couldn’t I have it?:I don't know that I could justify it just yet, from the information I've gathered from the site it seems like there's not a lot you can do with the sneakers. They act as some form of controller on the website and let you navigate through the "Adidas World" using the sneakers for movement. Maybe if you threw in some distance-based achievements this would be something I could really get behind.

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