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Super Stardust Delta Blasts Onto The PlayStation Vita [Video]

The software line-up for the PlayStation Vita may only have a handful of 1st party releases, but you really can’t complain at such a thing when one of those games is Super Stardust Delta.  The follow-up to the smash-hit PlayStation Network game Super Stardust HD, the team at Housemarque is ready to give us even more asteroid and alien blasting action with the PlayStation Vita launch game Super Stardust Delta.

One of the many surprises that came out of Sony’s mega PS Vita E3 unveiling, Super Stardust Delta is basically the same experience that Super Stardust HD offered except it’s now in a handheld that can produce graphics comparable to its HD counterpart.  Super Stardust Delta isn’t the first time the franchise has appeared on a portable console as a PSP version of SSHD was released, minus the snazzy HD graphics of course.

Since the post-E3 madness has finally calmed down a bit, I think we can now all appreciate this new Super Stardust Delta trailer.  Straight and to the point, the trailer shows us quite a few of the new planets that this time out boasts a lot more variety than merely being a red or green sphere.  The gameplay has all the trademarks of the Super Stardust franchise, but at this stage I’m slightly disappointed that the asteroids don’t break up into more pieces.  Maybe Housemarque will refine the particle system a bit more to include bigger amounts of destruction but I guess I’ll be content with minimal amounts of debris if the game still retains the same fun factor as SSHD had.

Housemarque has yet to let us down with any of their projects (Dead Nation, Outland) so I doubt Super Stardust Delta will be anything less than amazing.  A release window has yet to be given for SSD Delta but seeing as how it’s one of the few games Sony has shown off publicly so far, it’s almost guaranteed to be a launch title or released in the always vague launch window.  But of course it would be nice to know when the PlayStation Vita will be released before we get excited for what games will accompany it at launch.