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Teaser images from the new Deus Ex 3 trailer

When Square Enix finally gave us our first look at Deus Ex 3 back at GDC in March the wait for media was definitely worth it.  Even though the Deus Ex franchise has been dormant for a few years, thanks to a lackluster sequel, the teaser trailer that was shown looked extremely promising. It’s not that often we get cyberpunk games let alone one where sunglasses sprout from a man’s face.

Now with E3 drawing nearer with the passing of each hour some new images from the next Deus Ex 3 trailer have been released.  It’s still unclear if the new DE3 trailer will premier before or at E3 but if these images are any indication it’s going to be pretty badass.  

Once again our sunglass wearing hero is back and this time he looks to be taking on some soldiers in a dense urban setting.  Other than that there’s not much to go on aside from that the pre-rendered trailers are going to look sexy as hell.  And of course we have Square Enix Japan to thank for that.

The full media blowout on Deus Ex 3 will of course be at E3 in two weeks and I’ll be there to cover all the cyberpunk shenanigans the game offers.