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Telltale Games Reveals Two Exciting New Games Based On Hit Properties (Hint: they involve zombies and fairy tales)

As I correctly guessed last month, not to toot my own horn of course, developer Telltale Games has announced that they’re developing a new video game series based on the hit comic book/TV show “The Walking Dead.”  Last month Telltale Games teased us of an impending announcement involving a major property in both the comic book and entertainment world and as it turns out, we’re getting yet another zombie game.

The details of Telltale’s upcoming video game adaptation of The Walking Dead weren’t revealed nor was it mentioned just how closely the video game would follow the series or the hit comic book it’s based on.  Since The Walking Dead premiered on the cable network AMC last year, both the show and the comic book have gone on to earn critical acclaim for its harsh and reality driven zombie apocalypse story. I jumped into The Walking Dead having never read the comic books and I must admit that the show is rather good and is perfect material for an episodic adventure based video game.

Besides The Walking Dead, Telltale Games also announced their plans to do a video game based on the hit DC Vertigo comic book series Fables.  Now I don’t follow comic books all that much so I had to do a little research on what Fables is about. Apparently the premise of the book revolves around some fairies and other folk who upon their land being taken over are forced to flee to our world in order to hide.  Establishing a community within New York dubbed Fabletown, the group of wayward refugees tries their best to blend in within humanity and do their best to continue with their lives.

Fables could be a huge game if it’s executed right as the comic has updated versions of popular characters like The Big Bad Wolf and somewhat amusing things like a divorced Snow White and Prince Charming.  Just like The Walking Dead, Telltale Games hasn’t shared any details as to the nature of the game nor have they released any teaser images for the project.

Release dates and platform information for both The Walking Dead and Fables hasn’t been announced, but we’ll likely to see both games appear on the PS3, PC and Mac.  If Telltale Games follows their core schedule, I wouldn’t be surprised to see at least The Walking Dead make a late 2011 release seeing as how Season 2 of the series is set to debut this Fall.

We may be sick of zombie games at this point, but it should be exciting to see what Telltale does with the very narrative and character driven property like The Walking Dead and how Telltale as a whole try to evolve as developers.  But is anyone out there a bit disappointed with the todays’ news, perhaps wishing we would get a True Blood game instead?

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