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There's a disturbance in the force at LucasArts concerning Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Despite its worldwide popularity and the power of the studios behind it, we can never catch a break when it comes to Star Wars video games.  The Star Wars franchise has definitely had some solid games in the past and the future looks good as well with Star War: The Old Republic.  But for some reason the good folks over at LucasArts can’t seem to get their stuff together when it comes to producing Star Wars games.

Word has come via Kotaku’s sources that the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed franchise is essentially dead. Now, to most out there that may sound a bit silly since the upcoming Force Unleashed II hasn’t even been released yet. But give me a minute to explain and I’m sure everyone is going to go into Chewbacca rage mode within a matter of minutes.

According to Kotaku, LucasArts president Paul Meegan has given a swift lightsaber blow to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 3, thus killing the in-development project.  Yup, the dev team at LucasArts was indeed in the early stage of The Force Unleashed 3 but now that won’t be happening as per the ruling from Meegan. To make matters worse, word is that once Force Unleashed 2 is finished the majority of the dev team will be fired.  This is both sad and ironic since the same thing happened with the development of the first Force Unleashed game.

But that’s only the start of the bad news related to LucasArts. In a move that is nothing but pure idiocy, Meegan also reportedly plans on ceasing all external development after the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic. So that means no more Star Wars games developed by BioWare, no more Lego Star Wars games and no chance of an external developer working on an Indiana Jones game.

Meegan doesn’t seem to be on a complete quest to give LucasArts a clean slate as an unannounced project was saved from being axed.  The project is probably related to Star Wars since The Force Unleashed producer Haden Blackman was heading up the project, well that is until he left the studio last month.

If all of this ends up being true I really don’t know what to think. It’s fine to reorganize things a bit but getting rid of external development and cancelling sequels to the most successful Star Wars game ever released (TFU sold like gangbusters) is a bit silly. Perhaps there’s some logic to all this reported madness or maybe Meegan is just channeling his inner Emperor Palpatine.