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Tons of leaked videos for Sonic 4

So far Sonic fans have been put on a rollercoaster ride of emotions when it comes to Sonic 4.  At first everyone was rather hyped that Sonic would be returning to his side-scrolling roots. But then a gameplay vid leaked and we were all put into cautiously optimistic mode.  Now another batch of videos have leaked and I’m not too sure how fans will handle this.

It’s safe to say that Sonic fans will of course be a bit over critical about these vids. After all that’s what fans do when something they love is being remade. But even though the vids have the classic Sonic look and feel, there’s just something a bit iffy about them.  Sonic’s sense of speed still seems a bit slow and the physics look a tad bit off in a way. Though, I still feel that Sonic fans such as myself are perhaps being a bit too critical on the game. With no Sonic werewolves or human girls in sight, Sonic 4 already has a lot going for it even with the small issues it has.