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[Video] This is what Monster Hunter looks like in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

You may have already seen our article on the MGS: Peace Walker/Monster Hunter collaboration that simply looks awesome.  Well if looking at some screens wasn’t enough to sell you on the concept or left you wanting for more, this new trailer showcasing the mash-up of franchises should please you.

Done in the traditional MGS trailer format, this look at the Monster Hunter mode in Peace Walker is simply priceless.  Running at five-minutes long, the trailer shows Big Boss and his fellow soldiers taking on various beasts such as a dragon-type creature and an aerial one as well. This collaboration may still not be that interesting to some but you can’t deny that it’s somewhat original.  Best of all, the Monster Hunter mode in Peace Walker isn’t just limited to hunting monsters as Big Boss can also cook food. MGS Peace Walker is awesome indeed.