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[Video/Screens] A look at the giant sandworms and intense jungle battles of Lost Planet 2

With a new demo set for release this week and the Collector’s Edition just having been unveiled; the anticipation for Lost Planet 2 is at a fever pitch. It’s not that often such a high quality game is released in the early Spring and Capcom looks to be bringing the goods for LP2’s May 11th release.

To tease those gamers who are salivating for the games’ release, Capcom has released a new gameplay video. The video itself is rather epic as I can’t think of many games that have a massive Dune inspired sandworm that’s a few yards from obliterating you.

Capcom also released some screens for the jungle based multiplayer map “Turbulent Jungle.” With massive explosions and mech suits abound I can understand why it has that moniker.