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Want to play a cool indie puzzle game? Then check out suteF

After the game release blitz that we had for the past three months, we’re finally at a normal release schedule of sorts and that of course means we won’t be getting a lot of goodness for a while.  Aside from LittleBigPlanet 2 and DC Universe Online, January is a kind of a dry month so it helps that we have cool PC games like suteF to check out.

I’m always on the lookout for cool indie games and suteF definitely fits that bill based on its simplistic but addicting gameplay. Done in an 8-bit style, sute F is a game that combines a few basic game mechanics but puts them together in a product that’s a ton of fun. suteF has a pretty simple premise: you traverse a series of grim looking areas as you utilize a grappling hook to move crates which can be used to block lasers that would otherwise obliterate you. It may not sound incredibly exciting, but the game almost kind of gives me vibes of Portal in terms of its puzzle mechanics, if not a bit simplified.

To sweeten the deal that is suteF, the game is free and according to creator Ted Lauterbach only takes around two hours to finish – a time that is perfect if you’re looking for a game to kill some time with yet still be entertained.  suteF is the type of games I love to see come out of really small indie developers as it offers something that’s familiar to gamers yet still has that certain hook that makes it captivating and worth our time.

To download suteF head over here.