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We Finally Have A Look At The Batman: Arkham City Collector's Edition

Unearthed a few days ago via vague retailer listings, WB Games has officially revealed the collector’s edition for Batman: Arkham City. Since every major software release these days warrants a special SKU of some kind, WB Games is happy to oblige by giving gamers and comic book fans some additional Batman goodness that may or may not immediately be worth an additional $40.

Batman: Arkham Asylum may have been one of the best games released in 2009, but the collector’s edition that was put together for it was less than exceptional and I definitely regretted purchasing it.  The concept of receiving a Batman game housed in a Batman logo case accompanied by a batarang replica was cool, but with the batarang being lightweight plastic (it was originally a heavier composite/metal material but was changed to plastic) and the flimsy nature of the case made me one sad ass Batman fan.

Thankfully WB Games is getting their act together with Batman: Arkham City as there aren’t any piss-poor replicas and instead we’re receiving the industry standard of the collector’s edition including a statue.  The showpiece of the Batman: Arkham City collector’s edition is the Batman statue created by the acclaimed Kotobukiya.  I guess video game publishers are finally realizing that when they charge $40-50 extra dollars for a collector’s edition that they better deliver the goods otherwise people aren’t going to waste their money.  Kotobukiya is one of the best manufacturers of high-end statues/figures and the Batman statue they’ve created looks good, even if it’s completely black & white. Seriously, what is up with this black & white advertising campaign for Batman: Arkham City? Is being minimalistic through stripping away some of the detail from the characters the cool thing to do these days?

The rest of the content in the Batman: Arkham City collector’s edition is by the numbers as an art book and collectible cards will also be included.  There is some potential noteworthy material in the collector’s edition as the official soundtrack for Batman: Arkham City will be included as well.  The thing is it hasn’t been confirmed if the soundtrack will include the original score for the game, which I certainly would like to listen to, as it was only mentioned that it would feature original songs by hit artists. Yup, we’re seemingly getting a potential moody pop Batman: Arkham City soundtrack which I’m sure everyone will put on their MP3 players immediately.

Lastly the collector’s edition will include some “exclusive” DLC access for the Iceberg Lounge Challenge Mode map and an extra character skin for Batman in the form of the Batman: Dark Knight Returns skin.  Additional character skins were totally missing in action for Batman: Arkham Asylum, outside of PC mods, but I guess WB Games could be dishing out some additional content that fanboys such as me will eat up. Give me a skin based on Batman’s armor in The Dark Knight and I’ll gladly pay $4 for it.  For some reason the collector’s edition will also include Batman: Gotham Knight, the animated feature that came out way back in 2008. With an animated version of Batman: Year One coming out later this year it feels like WB/DC is somewhat giving consumers a rotten egg by providing something that’s three years old and can be easily bought for $5 on DVD.

After being fooled by the collector’s edition for Batman: Arkham Asylum, I’m a bit hesitant to pick up the Batman: Arkham City CE, even if it includes a cool statue.  I’m indeed excited for Batman: Arkham City but with a so-so array of bonus content I think the only way that I’ll buy the Arkham City collector’s edition is if I have an extra $100 laying around or if I can somehow obtain it for free.

For all my fellow fans of the Dark Knight, will you be picking up the Batman: Arkham City collector’s edition, opt out of purchasing it or merely wait for a price drop?